John Bonham – Biography

Name: John Bonham
Born: May 31, 1948
Origin :Redditch, Worcestershire, England
Drums: Ludwig
Cymbals: Paiste
Drum Sticks: Vic Firth
Associated Bands:
Led Zeppelin

John Bonham

John Henry Bonham or “Bonzo” as we all know him was perhaps the best drummer ever. Born on the 31st of May 1948 in Redditch, Worcestershire, England, Bonzo was the most iconic drummer of all time and a drumming great like him surely deserved to be in perhaps the greatest rock band of all time. With that being said, John Henry Bonham was part of the English rock band Led Zeppelin. Let us recap his earlier days on how he started out and came to be one among the drums shall we? Bonzo started off with by playing his first drum kit made up of coffee tins and some old containers. As a child, John was largely influenced by drummers like Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. Bonzo was given a snare drum from his mother when he was hardly ten years of age. He was thrilled when he got his hands on his first ever, proper drum kit at the age of fifteen. As a kid, John never took any drumming lessons, however, during his late teenage years, he was known to ask renowned drummers and even drumming teachers for their advice. 1964 witnessed John join his first band ever, Terry Webb and the Spiders. This also helped him meet his future wife, Pat Phillips.

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